300 hp electric boat motor

The all-new four-stroke, 5. Introducing the Yamaha Power Pay Program Purchase a Yamaha Outboard from a Yamaha dealer, register for Power Pay, participate in a Yamaha sanctioned tournament and profit from being the highest-place finisher.

Power and reliability have their perks. For more than 30 years, Yamaha Outboards have delivered far more than superior power, performance and efficiency. Purpose-built from the ground up to withstand the rigors of offshore boating, the XTO introduces a new class of extreme offshore power and reliability.

Our integrated digital boat control system now features SetPoint. This suite of satellite-guided boat control functions automatically maintains your position, heading or both. Suddenly fishing beneath the boat, controlled drifting and waiting in place are a snap for captains of any skill level. It joins the other members of the V MAX SHO family in expanding from a bass boat solution to multi-species, pontoon, and other applications. It's exciting news for all sorts of anglers and boaters.

See Offer Details. Explore XTO Offshore. Power up your winnings Introducing the Yamaha Power Pay Program Purchase a Yamaha Outboard from a Yamaha dealer, register for Power Pay, participate in a Yamaha sanctioned tournament and profit from being the highest-place finisher. Learn More and Register. It's Still All About Reliability. Legendary Yamaha Reliability.

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More functionality. More control. More convenience. Click for the 7-Day Forecast See when the fish are biting! Our patented Shift Dampener System Redesigned and added to more props. Find the right components for your rig Explore rigging options. Find Your Nearest Dealer.The E is a powerful electric motor, designed for marine applications. The E and control systems are the power behind two new boats. The Goldfish is the first percent electric boat to break 40 knots.

300HP Outboards Sale

Goldfish is known for its super-efficient, innovative hull designs. The electric motor is powered by four Corvus AT lithium Polymer battery packs. The claim is the battery bank can be recharged in 30 minutes, which is pretty fast. The E electric motor is of the permanent magnet brushless type running at 8, RPM. The motor is cooled by a closed loop glycol system, which is itself cooled by seawater.

The Torqeedo travel is a very popular electric outboard for applications in the less than 10HP range. The Torqeedo works great for small dinghies and inflatables. The complexity of bringing electric propulsion to the marine industry is not only constrained by weight, size and cost, as with the auto industry, but an additional challenge is to provide high power systems that meet customer demand.

I is critical to invent intelligent logic systems to control the integration of all electric propulsion components, such as the sequence of equipment turn on when the boat is first started, to battery charge start and stop, and powering down after use. As with electric car, such automation ensures both safety and efficiency of the system. ReGen Nautic Inc. ReGen Nautic designed and produced the propulsion system and the software interface that manages energy use and energy storage.

Goldfish Boat designed the boat and placement of the lithium batteries. The boat can speed over the water at 47 knots, and it is totally electric: there is no fossil fuel on-board. Product release is expected for summer Boat manufacturers considering an e or equivalent system from ReGen Nautic have a wide selection of electrical power packs depending on the weight bearing capabilities of the vessel, the range required and budget.

Outboard Motor Hoist from Easy Lift. Outboards lifts as the name implies lift outboard engines…. Forward Drive propulsion system. Skip to content. The e is a fully functional electric propulsion system that comprises the following: A high C rated, pounds, 27 kWh volt lithium battery bank. A helm display and input unit A medium voltage safety and switching unit A medium voltage charging unit A pounds kW permanent magnet brushless electric motor and controller Cooling heat exchanger and associated pump Boat manufacturers considering an e or equivalent system from ReGen Nautic have a wide selection of electrical power packs depending on the weight bearing capabilities of the vessel, the range required and budget.

Forward Drive propulsion system Forward Drive propulsion system. Armstrong bracket Armstrong bracket has been around for many years. The concept is to get the outboard…. Next Next post: Rx marine washer dryer.Log in or Sign up. SportFishing BC. Electric Outboard motors up to HP. With the crazy price of gas these days and it is going higher. I was surprised to find that there are several firms out there that are already ahead of the curve and are already making powerful electric outboard motors up to HP.

I would be curious to know what sort of battery life and range they get in a marine environment. MillwrightMikeMar 29, Think about the challenges of battery size vs range in electric vehicles, now realize that a car is around 10 times more efficient in fuel economy compared to a similar weight boat.

I don't think planing electric boats are likely until there is a radical advance in battery technology. Displacement boats on the other hand Look at it this way, a lb Tesla car gets miles of range with a lb battery.

A lb boat gets miles of range with gallons of fuel pounds. Not exactly practical. Last edited: Mar 29, And you would be wrong! I'm calling bullshit to that video! Something just doesn't smell right! Check out all the tech sights that refer to the motor and the testing Just way to expensive yet to be anything but a pipe dream for mainstream.

You would think they would show the battery bank set up at least. And what's with no sound to the video except the cheesy Back to the Future sound track. Clint r likes this. Looks like a Yamaha outboard to me! They show the electric motor in the video on the link in my last post.

The engine is green in that video. I dunno man. Butchart Gardens runs 4 electric boats all made by Duffy. They are just slow cruisers and have 16 batteries in each that only last 1 year.Outboard motors tend to evolve at the pace of the Nile crocodile, which dates to the early Pleistocene and has minimal updates for the model year. But lately, there's been a lot of action from every major manufacturer—Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude and Suzuki. With reliability generally taken for granted by customers warranties sometimes stretch six years, depending on promotionsthe new engines push progress on two fronts: horsepower and efficiency.

Since outboards are powering increasingly large boats, there are new options for buyers looking for horsepower and more. And with range and fuel economy always an issue, new designs like the three-cylinder Evinrude E-TEC aim to hit their horsepower and torque numbers while squeezing every drop of fuel as far as it'll go. And, particularly for low-horsepower outboards, electric power is becoming not only viable but preferable.

If you don't need to do 40 mph or push a footer, a small electric model like the Torqueedo Travel C can make a lot of sense—self-contained, quiet and portable.

300 hp electric boat motor

Here are five outboards that might well give you a reason to repower your boat with something quiet, clean, and new. Buy Now. When Mercury introduced its new 4. The R is lightweight—with a inch shaft, the R weighs pounds. Four-cylinder four-strokes are basically the industry standard in this power category, but Evinrude goes in a decidedly different direction with its new horsepower E-TEC. Which it delivers, to the tune of 12 mpg at a fast trolling speed on a foot boat.

A horsepower outboard can be deployed on a wide variety of boats, to the G2 can be controlled via a mechanical steering cable, external hydraulic, integrated power steering and even a tiller. Evinrude estimates that the onboard oil tank under the cowling should be good for 50 to 60 hours of use a normal boating season for most people and the maintenance interval is as close to zero-maintence as it gets—every five years or hours.

While Torqueedo makes big outboards up to horsepower equivalentthose Deep Blue motors are aimed strictly at billionaires for their yacht tenders and possibly deep-pocketed folks in the import business who might have a use for a silent Zodiac.

With an onboard Wh lithium battery, the C can run for six hours at half-throttle, which could mean 18 miles of range it depends on your boat. Besides dingies and sailboats, the Torqueedo would make an intriguing trolling motor or kicker on a small powerboat—it only makes 33 dB of noise and weighs less than 40 pounds.

You can even extend your range by charging it with a solar panel while under way.

300 hp electric motor

Recent years have seen center consoles stretching beyond 50 feet and battle-wagon express boats moving from diesel power to outboards. You could also run a single one of these instead of, say, hp twins—a single XTO on a foot Sportsman topped out at 55 mph and got 2. A big 4. That latter point is extra relevant for single-engine boats, where a DFA could be an economical choice both fiscally and in terms of efficiency.

Quad s pushed an aluminum Gaudet 38 to Type keyword s to search.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship.

BusinessType China hp electric motor. Contact Supplier. Y2 hot sale induction v rpm hp hp grill electric motor for boat. Y2 series hp electric motor high torque low rpm electric motor.

Cheap hp electric motor with best price. Premium efficiency RPM 3 phase hp induction electric motor. Meanwhile, the products win favor of overseas customers. We cooperate with customer to design and develop new product.

High quality! Y Y2 series hp electric motor. Y Y2 series hp electric motor 1. Altitude:not exceed m 2. Ambient Termperature: not exceed 40 3.

Insulation class: E 4. Motors used in the temperature zones need three preventive measures 5.

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Accept trade assurance in Alibaba to guarantee our quality and delivery. YKK pole rpm china 3.

E200 Electric Outboard

Factory YE2 v high-efficiency 60 hp electric motor. Advanced high power three phase hp electric motor.Based in Hopkins, Go-Float boats garnered their some of their first brand exposure on and around Lake Minnetonka. Go-Float has signed four new U. Its production team has doubled in size and expects to quadruple in Based in Hopkins, Go-Float electric outboard motors boats garnered their some of their first brand exposure on and around Lake Minnetonka.

Go-Float launched to provide environmentally friendly watercraft to boaters by using electric boat motors. It initially offered just two models. Well, it's not a sailing boat, but their hearts are in the right place. The electric boat motor were also seen last week on the television show The Great South East. The Duffy 22 Cuddy Cabin is being formally introduced to the Australian market for the first time. This spacious model is the flagship of the Duffy fleet, which offers unrivaled elegance, performance and innovation.

The 22 Cuddy is equipped with the Patented Power Rudder, for unparalleled maneuverability, turning within its own length. Clean and quiet this model can hold up to 12 adults making it ideal for family outings, romantic cruises, entertaining or just exploring the wonderful Australian waterways.

Gordon Kerr, Duffy Down Under chief executive. They work harmoniously in the Gold Coast Marine Park with its varied fish life, dolphins, turtles and whales.

Campion E-Fusion 180HP Electric Outboard

I firmly believe Duffy Electric Boats and the new Duffy 22 model will be ideal for those waterways,' noted Marshall 'Duffy' Duffield, company founder. The company also offers catering in partnership with local restaurants as well as group events and theme events. Up to the present time the electric boat motor owner has only had available one type of battery chemistry to provide propulsive power for their electric boat motor no matter whether the electric boat is an inboard or outboard motor.

This battery type is of course the lead acid battery. There are two main variations to the lead acid battery depending upon its specific application. Broadly speaking the lead acid engine start or "cranking battery" in its intended application is designed to provide a short, high power burst of electrical current to crank over either a petrol or diesel engine while starting. This is the type of battery which commonly provides house power on boats as well as presently being the most common type to power electric boat motors.

Both types of lead acid batteries however have severe limitations. In addition lead acid batteries contain nasty chemicals such as sulphuric acid and toxic heavy metals like lead which are potentially hazardous to the environment.

Lead is a very heavy metal and for many years the search has been on to make a better battery that is also lighter in weight. Lithium is the logical choice since it is the lightest metal known to man.

However in addition to being extremely light in weight, lithium is also extremely reactive and for this reason pure lithium metal is never found in nature. Lithium metal is manufactured from lithium salts which are extracted through mining activities mainly from brine lakes. It can also be extracted from sea water. Lithium ion batteries have been available for several years for many consumer applications which most people would be familiar with.JavaScript functionality for your browser has been deactivate.

300 hp electric boat motor

Please activate JavaScript so you can use all functions on this page. The prerequisites for powerful electric drive systems are safety and industrial-level production.

In order to meet these recognised production and safety standards, high-voltage drive systems must be jointly developed by experts from different fields of technology.

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This requires effort lasting several years. With its pioneering development of the Deep Blue system Torqeedo has set new safety standards for high-voltage electrical drives on boats. However, it is not enough for a safety concept for high-voltage boat drives just to copy established concepts from advanced industries. We had to define and develop our own standards of safety in order to meet the many different particular requirements of the marine industry. As we did for Deep Blue. Electric boat drives are gaining ground — even on water.

However, many systems currently offered on the market are custom-built by small vendors without an overarching, standards-compliant safety concept. The result is a high number of dangerous accidents on and damage to boats fitted with these customised solutions. This clearly differentiates Deep Blue from damage-prone, custom-built motors. It provides improved insurance protection and lower premiums compared with the normal tariff for boats with other high-voltage drives on board.

300 hp electric boat motor

Below you will find a number of examples of these unique safety features. They represent the essential safety aspects that all high-voltage drive systems must meet — and which make Deep Blue the safest high-voltage drive system in its class.

Pilot line: the pilot line covers the entire Deep Blue high-voltage power system. It runs through the high-voltage shielded cables and high-voltage plug connectors, monitoring them constantly for irregularities. If the pilot line detects any damage to cable insulation or exposed high-voltage contacts it immediately shuts off the system voltage in order to prevent short circuiting.

Pilot lines are standard for high-voltage systems in other industries but they require a high degree of development effort — which is why they are seldom found in custom-built high-voltage electric drives.

Isolation monitor: constantly monitors that the voltage from all high-voltage components — including the battery and all other components under high voltage — is completely isolated from the boat. This is standard for high-voltage equipment in other industries. This has so far been the exception for powerful electric boats. And for Torqeedo?

Standard, of course. All components waterproof: components that were not specially developed for boats are seldom waterproof. This can result in non-waterproof components being used for custom-built high-voltage batteries. Nevertheless, all on-board high-voltage system components must be waterproof.

That's why with Torqeedo they are. Automotive battery safety: The first lithium batteries for the marine industry with the advanced quality standards of the automotive sector are the result of Torqeedo's collaboration with established battery manufacturers.

Integrating a battery into a drive system and the associated safety concept alone requires considerable effort that can only be achieved by working together with the battery manufacturer. Battery venting: in the unlikely event that the safety mechanisms in a Deep Blue battery fail, the individual hardware mechanisms within the battery cells will take effect.

Among other things, the cells can release pressure via a valve in order to reduce their temperature in an emergency. The gases emitted in this extremely rare case are hot, toxic, flammable and heavier than air. Batteries are installed in electric cars in such a way that they can simply "empty" battery gas emissions onto the road. In electric boats, these dangerous gases must be released into the open air in a controlled manner. Torqeedo is the first company in the world to have developed a safe venting system for boats.

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Battery damping: all components on fast and seagoing boats in particular are repeatedly subject to high levels of shock that in some cases can exceed 12 g of acceleration force. Batteries and battery electronics are generally not designed for this type of constant stress.


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